Fnishing touches are being made to a secondary school which is due to open next week.

Sir Frederick Gibberd College on First Avenue, Harlow, is being opened by education trust, BMAT on Monday, September 6.

As the teachers and staff prepares to welcome its very first cohort the new facility aims to provide a solution to the critical shortage of school places.

A group of 120 Year 7 students have signed up to attend.

Headteacher Dee Conlon is eager to start her new job on the first day of term.

She said: “Being a headteacher is incredible, but ultimately in my soul I am a teacher and I can’t wait to start teaching our first cohort.”.

A team of newly appointed teachers have taken part in teambuilding activities and week one for students will involve orientation activities.

Mrs Conlon said: “We have a whole host of external agencies coming in to work with our pupils during Orientation Week and we will be going on our first school trip.

“Orientation Week will become a tradition going forward for Year 7 and Year 12.”

Sir Frederick Gibberd opens in temporary accommodation next to Burnt Mill Academy before moving to its permanent site when it is built by the Department for Education.

Mrs Conlon added: “I was amazed by how good the building looked when I first saw it. The children are going to enjoy working in there.

“If the temporary building looks like this, I can’t wait to see the permanent building.

“Of course, it is great to have a new building, but ultimately it is what goes on inside it and the adults you have in front of the children that make the difference.

“We have an incredible group of teachers who share my vision and they are eager to start teaching our children.”

To fill out an application for Sir Frederick Gibberd College, visit http://www.sirfrederickgibberdcollege.org/818/admissions