The family of a man who has been missing for more than three weeks are desperate for him to return home.

34-year-old Lloyd Blundell was last in contact with his family on Wednesday, August 21, he is known to have contacts in Waltham Abbey, Loughton and Cheshunt.

He had arranged to meet up with his sister on Friday, August 23, after returning from her holiday but did not show up.

Lloyd’s cousin Mark Blundell and his fiancé Julia Martin decided to launch a Facebook appeal to find the 34-year-old earlier today which has been shared almost 200 times.

Speaking about his cousin, Mark Blundell said: “He been back and forth really from living on his own to being at his Mum’s.”

“His sister has been looking for him daily ever since, my uncle has been going down regularly to look for him too.

“Lloyd and his sister have always been very, very close. The family can go for days without hearing from him but once it got to a week, a week and a half, it like, where is he?”

This is the first time Mr Blundell has officially been reported missing. No sightings have been made.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Mr Blundell is described around six-foot four inches tall, slim build with short blonde hair but occasionally will have his head fully shaved and has an eyebrow piercing.

Other distinctive features include several tattoos covering his chest and right arm, including a cross under his left eye and the words "Celtic" on the side of his head.

The couple said it would mean the world to have Mr Blundell return safe and sound.

If you know or think you may have seen Lloyd, please call Martin Blundell on 07795 259690 or Julia Martin on 07852 195931.

Alternatively, please report to Essex Police on or Loughton CID by calling 101.