Several students and staff at a primary school are taking part a global strike on tackling climate change this week.

Ivy Chimneys Primary School in Epping, will participate in debates focusing on the environment and make a list of actions on how to combat climate change within the classroom.

Millions of people across the world are expected to protest asking politicians take more action on the climate crisis issues on Friday, September 20.

Headteacher of Ivy Chimneys Primary School, Becky Sigston, issued a letter to parents and guardians on September 11 that highlighted the planned events on the day.

She wrote: “It’s my belief that this is an important opportunity for your children to be actively involved in an issue which affects their future.

“On the strike day, the children will come into school as usual, but they will not be following their usual timetable of lessons. Instead they will:

“Learn about what climate change is, take part in a peaceful protest on school grounds and learn about people power and its place in democracy.”

The worldwide protest was inspired by 15-year-old Swedish environmentalist campaigner, Greta Thunberg, who has served as represented the views young people to world leaders.

A parent of a Year Two student at Ivy Chimneys Primary School, added: “With such inspiring and conscientious teaching, Ivy chimneys may produce the next Greta Thunberg and most likely bring around a more optimistic future for generations to come.

“The recognition for the staff and especially for the children, will underline the importance of this subject and their importance in the community.”