A Climate Emergency has been called just before the global climate strike takes place.

Epping Forest District Council have declared a Climate Emergency last night (September 19) at a council meeting.

During the meeting, the Council noted that the human impact to an irreversible climate change is being felt around the world. It was decided that a change in laws, taxation and infrastructure are key to make low carbon living easier for residents to adjust to.

The motion, proposed by leader of the Buckhurst East ward Green Party group, Cllr Steven Neville and seconded by Cllr John Phillip (Conservative, Theydon Bois), was largely supported by councillors at the meeting, with only one opposition vote.

It is proposed that the District Council’s area will become carbon neutral by 2030 and the council will call on Westminster to provide the powers and resources to make their target possible.

An air quality strategy and sustainability guidance on planning will also be pushed by the council.

Cllr Neville discussed why he proposed the motion: "I tabled the motion to declare a Climate Emergency in Epping Forest as I felt that we need to do all we can to avert dangerous climate change.

"The 2030 deadline to go zero carbon is ambitious and certainly goes further that the current government is going.

"If we fail to act it will mean more of our world will be inhabitable for humans and most other animals. I am glad we got cross party support on this but I and others will hold EFDC to account on plans fulfil this motion."

Cllr Dave Plummer (Green Party, Waltham Abbey South West) also shared his thoughts about the Climate Emergency called.

He said: “After decades of campaigning the message is finally getting through that we need to do something to reduce the harm we've caused.

“One thing that's still missing from governments around the world is the sense of urgency - there are plenty of nice words but very little action. Even here in the UK, where Parliament has declared a Climate Emergency, we're dragging our heels.

He added: “Epping Forest District Council's Climate Emergency declaration is a huge step locally - now we need to make sure that it underlies every decision the District Council makes.”

When hypothesising the next steps of this Climate Emergency, Cllr Plummer suggested: “We need to work closely with communities and businesses. We need to fully develop our plans and make sure the council makes the most of this opportunity to help make a difference.”

The motion is believed to benefit the community as it could result in reduced climate output, further job opportunities to ensure environmental regulations, and the possibility of further cycle lanes.

Global climate strike protests are also taking place today across 150 countries to raise awareness and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. Cllr Plummer himself will be attending a crisis protest nearby Waltham Forest Town Hall at 1:00pm.

Epping Forest District Council has already shown foresight when it comes to addressing the issue of climate breakdown, having signed the Nottingham declaration on climate change, written an environment sustainability policy and action plan, and work towards renewable energy.