I felt compelled to write in response to Michael McGough’s letter, 'Eleanor Laing MP cannot represent Epping Forest if she is Speaker' (Guardian, September 19.

Mr McGough is wrong in his assertion.

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As every Epping Forest resident who has sought help or guidance from their MP over the past six years since Dame Eleanor was elected Deputy Speaker will recognise, our MP is entirely able to support her constituents through important casework, holding various tiers of government to account. In addition, the Speaker and their team have both direct access to government ministers and decide upon the business which comes before the House of Commons.

In this deeply divided political environment, there is a great benefit in having an experience parliamentarian who is respected by all parties in the House of Commons to oversee the work this nation must do. I would also remind him that the Speaker still has the casting vote.

So rather than suggesting our MP is gagged for his own personal political gain, perhaps he should consider the facts more carefully and recognise the many benefits a Speakership election could bring to Epping Forest and its residents.

Ben Murphy