A sheltered housing complex for elderly people was chosen by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s to benefit from the company’s 150th birthday celebrations.

Residents of Frank Bretton House in Bansons Way, Ongar, was chosen by the town’s supermarket branch receive several special treats.

Sainsbury's staff members were granted time off to volunteer for community projects which included gardening, afternoon tea and a roast Sunday lunch.

Store manager Lisa Osborne said that Sainsbury’s milestone birthday has allowed each store to allocate 150 hours of volunteering to their local communities.

She said: “We decided we wanted to do something for our local elderly people. Staff chose to support Frank Bretton House because they know so many of the residents from shopping in the store.“More staff got involved with each activity.

“It’s not just about what we are doing, but also about the company it provides for residents. It’s great to sit and chat with them and learn a little about their lives.

“I was amazed how much bubbly we got through at the afternoon tea, but everybody enjoyed themselves.”

Resident Phillip Ford, speaking on behalf of his friends and neighbours said it was extremely kind of Sainsbury’s staff to spend time with them completing community projects.

He said: “It was a generous thing to do and I would like to thank them on behalf of everyone at Frank Breton House.”