A planning proposal for a development of flats on the site of a house has been rejected for a third consecutive time.

Epping Town Council described the latest proposals to convert 4 Kendal Avenue in Epping into a highly detailed new mansion building containing six apartments as "unbelievable".

Two previous applications to demolish the property were opposed by Epping Forest District Council in October 2017 and August 2018 respectively.

Planning and general purposes committee chairman Nigel Avey told the town council at the meeting on Tuesday, October 8: "I'm appalled this has come back. It's worse than the last two (planning applications).

"I can't believe what is going through the developer's mind. This is an horrendous application."

He added: "It looks like something out of the centre of Manchester, it's unbelievable. The street scene will be completely and utterly ruined by it.

It's a nice family house, it fits into the street scene. Why should they be allowed to build a monstrosity like that?

"We should put a stamp on this and say we strongly object. We believe it is worse than the other two (applications) and repeat the reasons why we objected before."

Deputy mayor Michael Wright said: "It looks more like a nursing home."

Resident JoAnn O'Neil, speaking on behalf of a group of residents, told the meeting they objected because of the density, overdevelopment and predominance of the building which would overshadow neighbouring properties.

Concern was also voiced over the access to the proposed development off Hartland Road, and the loss of a family home to flats.

The meeting was told that some 40 letters of objection had been sent to Epping Forest District Council.