A 73-year-old resident is fed up with musical festivals being held in the park by his home.

David Porter, of Daylop Drive, Chigwell Row, has lived in his home for 31 years.

Over the last few years he and his wife have seen an increase in music festivals being held in Hainault Forest Country Park, right outside his front door.

For David, the festivals are a nuisance. His road becomes inundated with parked cars, sometimes blocking off access completely, festival-goers stumble about drunk, and litter is strewn across the area.

However, David says he has not been consulted at all about the festivals as he is technically an Epping Forest resident, living 200 yards outside of the London Borough of Redbridge, who sanction the festivals.

This year there has been two festivals - Moon and Sundance festival and Garage Nation festival - and another is planned this weekend, We Are Halloween festival.

“None of the car parks are accessible to the public – a lot of the people come by car and they park in our cul-de-sac near enough shutting off the road”, David said.

“I have seen drug use and smoking in public, the music and noise is unbearable and there is litter left everywhere.”

After the last festival David and his wife went litter picking and filled whole bin bags with spent laughing gas cannisters, he says.

He added: “We get no say, because we don’t live in the borough of Redbridge, no consultations and no representations, because we live in just out of the boundary.”

David is not the only resident in the area fed up with the festivals. A petition has been launched online and councillors in the parish council have come out in support of residents.

Cllr Pranav Bhanot, a Chigwell Parish councillor for the Chigwell Row ward, said: "Whilst I am a supporter of events which bring members of the community together, I have been contacted by numerous concerned residents of Chigwell Row expressing disappointment that they have not been consulted or forewarned regarding large scale events at the country park which have the potential to cause significant disturbance.

“Having written to Redbridge Council on September 28 2019 on behalf of Chigwell Row residents hoping to obtain assurances that for future events (including We Are Halloween) at the Country Park: noise levels will be monitored and controlled, a clean up operation will be executed efficiently both in the country park and surrounding roads and residents of Chigwell Row will be consulted/warned about future events at the country park.

“I am disappointed that my email appears to have been ignored.”

A Redbridge Council spokesperson said: “Compared to many London boroughs, we host very few large-scale events in our parks but those we do provide a huge boost to the local economy.

“Without exception, all major events are carefully considered by the borough’s Safety Advisory Group, which includes the police, ambulance service and the fire brigade, as well as key council officers.

“Comprehensive licensing, security and clean-up arrangements are agreed with the organisers, and local people have an opportunity to have their say and raise any concerns through a comprehensive consultation exercise prior to the event.

“Once under way, events are carefully monitored to ensure noise limits, transport requirements and litter controls are maintained both for the benefit of residents in Redbridge and neighbouring boroughs.”

The next festival in Hainault Forest Country Park is We Are Halloween, on October 26. Organisers, We are FSTVLs, declined to comment.