Last weekend I, and lots of other Wanstead residents, went to the People's Vote march in London. It was a good natured, peaceful campaign that seeks to ask Parliament to put any final deal on Brexit back to the people.

We aren’t campaigning for a second referendum. To re-run the same question held in June 2016 would be undemocratic. We are asking for a first referendum on any deal, no matter what that deal is, be put to the people for their final say.

In 2016 people voted to leave the EU. That was a referendum on a concept. Now we have the detail. But the idea that in June 2016 people knew exactly what Brexit would be, when it was – in fact – not finalised until October 2019 is false.

It’s not undemocratic to ask the people to vote on the detail – now we actually know what Brexit looks like. If the will of the people is truly about taking back control. Let the people have the final say.

Scott Wilding,

Addison Road, Wanstead