A bare field with a single tree where a man is said to have been hung has been named one of the ‘spookiest streets’ in the UK.

Hangman’s Hill, Loughton, made the top 40 of roads to avoid this October if you want to steer clear of witches, ghosts and ghouls.

Hangsman's Hill has gained its title for the unbelievable phenomenon of cars being able to roll up the hill.

Well not quite, the cars are actually going downhill. The lay of the land and angle of the trees creates an optical illusion of cars rolling up the hill.

When at the crest of the hill, cars are faced with a bare field holding nothing but a single tree.

This tree is said to be where a man was hung and it is the deadly allure of the site that pulls the cars up the hill – or the aforementioned optical illusion, you decide.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Hangman's Hill has been named a top 40 'spooky street' in the UK

Ghost story writer Janine Pipe said: “There are many roads in the UK that have links with supernatural sightings; this comes as no great surprise when you think of the number of deaths they have seen over the centuries.

“No matter what, tales of ghostly figures will inevitably send shivers down your spine, and whatever you believe, ghostly visions are reported ten-fold over the Halloween season. Is the veil between us and them really lifted during this time or are our senses merely heightened?”

The map of the UK’s 40 spookiest streets and roads was compiled by contact lens retailer, Feel Good Contacts.

The contact lens retailer is calling for drivers to be extra careful and well prepared for driving this time of year, as road traffic accidents increase as it gets darker earlier.