A councillor is calling for volunteers to help cut traffic incidents in Waltham Abbey.

Waltham Abbey District councillor Dave Plummer is working with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership to run a community traffic speed-watch scheme in the town.

The Green Party councillor for Waltham Abbey South West ward set up the scheme a year ago but is looking for new volunteers to fill out the team.

He said: "Whether it's lives lost and/or irreversibly changed when cars crash into trees or each other, feeling uncomfortable crossing a road or being upset by the constant wildlife deaths on our roads, many people want to see a reduction in speeding in Waltham Abbey."

"Waltham Abbey Community Speedwatch is being set up to do just that."

"It's not about catching people out - it's about changing behaviour and showing that we, as a community, want our roads to be safer."

The traffic monitoring scheme, coordinated by Essex Police casualty reduction service and supported by Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP), is managed and run by volunteers.

Volunteers choose designated sites where road signs are put up and the group then monitor the roads with a speed camera.

Speedsters are recorded and their details are then sent to SERP who hand them over to the police.

The group has identified five initial sites to monitor: Honey Lane and Woodridden Hill, opposite the Woodbine Inn; Honey late, at the junction with Shernbroke Road; Quaker Lane; and Pick Hill Parklands.

Cllr Plummer said: “The sites were either mentioned to me directly while I was out canvassing or identified from Facebook community groups from people saying traffic was ‘horrendous’ in those places.

“Honey Lane and Woodridden Hill has been chosen as an area of importance it’s a particular hotspot for deer deaths from motorists.

“Deer are predictably unpredictable, and we want to raise awareness of them and help save them from motorists.”

If you'd like to help out click here for more details.

A training session for volunteers will be held on Wednesday, November 20 from 7pm at Waltham Abbey library.