Motorcyclists will attempt to create a 117 mile-long poppy in respect for the armed forces on Remembrance Sunday.

On Sunday, November 10, bikers from across the country will assemble on the M25, the 117 mile ring road encircling London, wearing red to ‘create the poppy’.

Approximately 3,500 bikers will meet at nine designated service stations and by 1.30pm the bikers will travel clockwise.

Section by section the riders will meet up, lead rider meeting the tail end of the ride in front, which if seen from the air would show a ring of red, symbolising the poppy.

The ‘Ring of Red’ ride is an annual event which began in 2014.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Previous rides saw about 3,5000 motorcyclists show their support.

A spokesperson for the ride said: “We would like to stress that this event is not a protest in any way shape or form; it is a coming together of the biking community, as it does on many occasions, but this occasion is out of respect for the armed forces, past and present, many of the bikers having been in the armed forces themselves.

“It will be a very proud and humbling moment, but will also be a great show of how big bikers hearts really are!

“Many people do not realise that when they see a group of bikers riding in formation, on the majority of occasions they will be riding for a charity.”

The group is calling for more riders to join them this weekend.

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