The district’s Brexit Party candidate has said that he feels betrayed by party leader Nigel Farage’s latest political decision ahead of the General Election next month.

Epping Forest MP hopeful Darren Selkus said that he doesn’t understand why Mr Farage announced yesterday to withdraw plans for the Brexit Party to takeover 317 Conservative seats.

The Brexit Party leader said they will now focus on overtaking Labour seats.

Mr Selkus said he discovered the latest news after a van driver pulled up to his street stand, asking what his next move would be.

“After a quick verification online myself and three volunteers put the street stand away,” said Mr Selkus. “In a matter of moments my mission to give leavers a choice, deliver a real Brexit and #ChangePoliticsForGood had been shattered.

“I don’t understand after exposing Boris Johnson’s deal as a surrender why the Brexit Party is now backing it.

“Why we are being told to trust a man who told us thousands of times we are leaving on October 31 to now take us out by the end of December 2020.

“I don’t understand why Nigel Farage has betrayed my incredible volunteers and thousands of constituents who will have no one to vote for.”

Epping Forest Guardian:

Nigel Farage has been leader of the Brexit Party since March 2019.

The 48-year-old only considered pursuing politics after receiving a letter from the Brexit Party in May of this year.

The Brexit candidate was interviewed a month later before being longlisted as a prospective parliamentary candidate before being asked to join Nigel Farage on stage at the Big Vision Rally on Sunday, June 30.

“Not only did I want to get us out of the EU I hoped to represent this new and exciting party,” he explained. “I had a vision of a Party with a new breed of politician who puts truth and trust above career and Party.

He added: “I don’t understand why 317 dedicated PPCs were the last to know they had been stood down and locked out of their Brexit Party email accounts and supporter database.

“I don’t understand why you build a dedicated new Party and then sacrifice half of it without missing a step.

“I don’t understand how you can then have the audacity to ask those supporters and PPCs to still help you campaign.”

Within four months, Mr Selkus has recruited 40 volunteers to help support and publicise the Brexit Party within Epping Forest in a bid become the next MP for the district.

In the last week, the team have delivered 8,000 leaflets explaining the problem of Boris’ Deal and Brexiteer newspapers were delivered.

“The last four months have been an amazing and enjoyable experience. I have made friends with incredible people and on December 12 like many others will have no one to vote for,” said Mr Selkus. “The reward seeing the pleasure on people’s faces finding out that the Brexit Party would have a candidate standing in Epping Forest was priceless.”