The sale of real fur at a town market has been officially banned following a complaint from a resident.

Epping Town Council agreed to enforce the ban after being informed during their meeting on Tuesday, November 12.

A salesman at Epping’s weekly Monday Market is known to have been selling real fur trimmed hats and gloves.

Although there is no government ban on the sale of real fur on markets, market operators are increasingly choosing forbid the controversial trade.

Deputy mayor Michael Wright said: "I would like to see all fur banned. I'm not sure it is the right thing for Epping Market to do (allow its sale)."

Councillor Mari-Louise Whitbread said: "I don't feel comfortable with fur on the market. I would object to any fur being sold."

Councillor Jon Whitehouse said: "The objective here is to stop animal cruelty. The difficulty is if we are going to have fur how do we know it is cruelty free fur?"