A woman convicted of killing a US patient by giving her botched bum-enhancement injections has been sentenced.

Donna Francis, 39, from Loughton, had pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide for the death of Kelly Mayhew in May 2015.

She was extradited from the UK to New York in August and was sentenced in the Queens Supreme Court in New York on Thursday, November 14.

Ms Francis is accused of causing the death of Kelly Mayhew, 34, in 2015 after silicone was injected into her buttocks in the basement of a house in New York.

Ms Francis, a former hairdresser, carried out the $1,600 (£1,200) cosmetic procedure twice on Ms Mayhew in the basement of a house in New York.

Mayhew eventually died from systemic silicone emboli, when the unencapsulated silicone entered her bloodstream and caused an embolism, the medical examiner found.

Despite contesting her extradition since December 2018, the High Court rejected Ms Francis’ case.

"The phrase 'getting away with murder' certainly applies to you," said New York Judge Kenneth Holder.

"If you have a conscience, this is going to haunt you much longer than the one-year sentence you're going to serve."

At her sentencing, Francis was in tears, and said she regretted the incident.

"It wasn't my intention to hurt anyone," she said. "I'm sorry for all the years this has been going on. I'm just sorry."

Mayhew went into cardiac arrest after the botched silicone injections were administered in the basement of a house.

Her brother, who read a statement on behalf of their mother in court, said Francis had refused to call 911 or provide an address to emergency services.

Prosecutors said Francis had left the dying woman and her mother and fled to London, where she remained until the extradition deal was reached this summer.