Essex Police is supporting International Men’s Day by sharing stories about inspiration men in the force.

Officers from the Special Constabulary will be revealing their personal memories and life events while serving as a volunteer in their area.

Special Constables have the same powers as police officers including, uniforms and equipment but sacrifice their free time to conduct voluntary duties within their community.

A new father, a long serving Special, a senior volunteer and others, will be sharing their stories throughout the day.

Special Constable Thomas Blatchford revealed his most memorable event while serving Essex Police, he said: “The whole experience has been a memorable one, however my first arrest stands out the most.

“After a ‘blue light run’ we arrived on scene to be greeted with an aggressive man who I had to detain and arrest.

“I enjoyed finishing training too, putting my uniform on and supporting local policing.”

Special Constable Mihai Visanu also shared his proudest moment during his time a voluntary officer.

“I was very proud of myself because I was the only one that could help a young vulnerable girl who only spoke Romanian," he said. "I was able to comfort her and speak to her in Romanian to translate what she was saying. This helped her and gave us valuable information to keep her from harm.”

He added: "Being a Special has given me the opportunity to fully use my skills, knowledge and ability to help and protect people.

"It’s also good to know that I am a small but important part of a big team that brings criminals to justice.”

International Men’s Day (November 19) raises awareness about men's and boys' health, aims to improve gender relations, equality and highlight male role models.

To sign up or find out how you can become a Special Constable for Essex Police, visit