Two patients were presented with medals to mark more than 50 years of safely and successfully self-managing their diabetes in honour of World Diabetes Day.

Sarah Goodliffe, from Waltham Abbey, and Anthony Lione, from Bishop’s Stortford, have both lived with diabetes for 60 and 50 years respectively.

Both were invited to attend a special event at Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust in Harlow to celebrate supporting patients to live well with the condition.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Anthony Lione, pictured, left, with Andy Morris, chief medical officer for Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust.

The ceremony was held on World Diabetes Day (Thursday, November 14).

Speaking about living with diabetes, Ms Goodliffe said: “It’s not a life sentence, you have to make adjustments and you have to be willing to learn from how you react to what’s happening.

“I’ve ridden ponies, ridden horses, and I’ve played league badminton, so your life is your own and you can make it what you will.”

Andy Morris, chief medical officer at the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said: “We help to ensure that patients can live well with diabetes through careful self-management, supported by advice and regular check-ups with our diabetes team.

“We are proud of the work our diabetes team undertake every day so that our patients access the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

“This reduces the likelihood of patients developing complications as a result of diabetes or needing to attend hospital in an emergency.

“As Sarah, Anthony and Kerry have shown, people with diabetes can lead a full and active life with the condition when they have the right support.”