Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has won a 2019 Research Excellence Award for its partnership work with the University of Essex.

The award was presented to Andrea MacAlister, head of community safety and Kieron Moir, home safety operations manager, alongside Dr Gina Reinhardt from the University of Essex.

Researchers at the University of Essex had looked into how accidental dwelling fires in the county has shaped the content and delivery of the firefighters 'Safe and Well' programme.

It also supports the continual learning and evaluating of the Service"s prevention activities.

The award was presented at the Annual Fire Related Research and Developments Conference on Wednesday, November 13.

Dr Reinhardt worked alongside Essex County Fire and Rescue Service to better understand the causes of accidental dwelling fires in Essex.

Using the data and information, the Service was able to provide, Dr Reinhardt used modelling techniques to estimate the potential to reduce accidental dwelling fires.

Other insights from the collaboration work has allowed the service to introduce evaluation mechanisms into the design and implementation of its 'Safe and Well' programme.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and the Service continues to work with Dr Reinhardt on exploring other evaluation approaches within prevention.