Epping Forest is likely to remain Conservative, according to the latest YouGov poll.

The predictions, published yesterday night (Tuesday, December 10), are based on 106,612 interviews conducted over seven days up to and including Tuesday.

It shows the possible outcomes for all 632 parliamentary constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales.

Based on analysis of demographics, past voting behaviour and the likely turnout among different groups of people, YouGov has estimated the voting results for each seat.

This is the second 2019 General Election model produced by the research company, with the first poll published on Wednesday, November 27.

Should the Tories be voted in again, parliamentary candidate Dame Eleanor Laing with retain her role as MP – a position held since 1997.

Here are the predictions for each party for the constituency of Epping Forest:

Conservatives - 60 per cent (margin of error: 52 – 68 per cent)

Labour – 21 per cent (15 – 29 per cent)

Liberal Democrat – 12 per cent (7 – 18 per cent)

Green – 4 per cent (1 – 7 per cent)

Other – 3 per cent (1 – 6 per cent)

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