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Voters across east London and Epping Forest will be heading to polling stations today to have a say on who should be their next MP.

In recent years, it has become a trend for owners to bring their pets to polling station. To carry on the much-loved tradition, we are encouraging readers to send us their photos. 

If you don't have a pet, photos of humans at polling stations are also welcome. However, we would discourage you from taking a photos in or near a voting booth.

Also, don't tell us how you've voted. 

Use the below form to send us your pictures. Please include your full name, where you live and which polling station you were at today. We'll keep updating this story with your photos.

George the dog at a polling station in east London

George is apparently the first dog at a polling station in London, says owner Nadya Fadih-Phoenix. 

She said: "He helped me do democracy at 6.25 and he appears to be the first dog at a polling station in London. I (his human friend) turned 90 three days ago as well."

Epping Forest Guardian:

French water dog Ella and her son Rafferty

These two pooches belong to Catherine McCabe. Ella is pictured with a neon green coat and her son Rafferty is in blue. Catherine said both dogs are "hoping that things will improve". Did she mean the weather or the political situation?

Epping Forest Guardian:

Remy the Japanese Shiba Inu

Remy supported her owner Luisa Bonifacio as she voted today

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