Brentwood and Ongar’s MP said it was an honour to be re-elected after a massive win on Thursday.

Conservative Alex Burghart received 36,308 votes, far ahead of Oliver Durose (Labour), who received 7,243 votes.

The result means that Brentwood & Ongar has continued its unbroken streak of electing a Conservative to represent the constituency since it was first created in 1974.

The Greens’ Paul Jeater polled 1,679 votes, ahead of David Kendall fpr the Liberal Democrats with 1,644 votes. Robin Tilbrook (English Democrat) polled 103 votes.

Mr Burghart said: “It’s a real honour to have been re-elected as MP by the voters of Brentwood and Ongar – and to be part of a Conservative Government returned with a historic majority.

"We are now going to push ahead with our plans – outlined in the campaign – to improve schools, hospitals and policing, and to get Brexit done.

"I look forward to championing the needs of my constituency in the coming Parliament. And I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas.”

The full results were:

Alex Burghart - Conservative - 36,308

Oliver Durose – Labour - 7,243

David Kendall - Liberal Democrats - 7,187

Paul Jeater - Green Party - 1,671

Robin Tilbrook - English Democrats - 532

Turnout: 70.07 per cent; Majority: 29,065 (24,002 in 2017)