A proposed Holocaust memorial and education centre to be built has been backed by the district council.

Following the Cabinet meeting earlier this month, councillors agreed to grant a long lease of 125 years to an unused area of land of 14.1m x 6m at Traps Hill, Loughton.

The new facilities will host a permanent exhibition in conjunction with events at Loughton Library and projects supported by Epping Forest District Museum.

Plans began to develop and locate a site dedicated to victims of the Holocaust back in October 2018, when the Epping Forest Holocaust Memorial Group was established.

Cllr Howard Kauffman, a member of the group, along with several other residents, said: “We had quite a lot of meetings and research.

“One of the reasons why this site and Traps Hill is that a number of Holocaust survivors actually came to Loughton and were guests immediately after the War in house Househurst Hostel in Manor Road, so there is actually DNA here.

“We have an agreement with the cricket ground opposite that every year we can hold an event in some open space. This will not be gathering point, just a remembrance place, very reserved. The whole thing is about education.”

Epping Forest Guardian:

The Holocaust memorial and education centre will be erected close Loughton Library in Traps Hill

In 1945, Loughton opened its hearts and homes to survivors of the holocaust at Holmehurst Hostel.

Several councillors also agreed the importance to keeping knowledge of the Holocaust alive particularly, for secondary school students when they learning about World War Two.

An agreement was also made that Epping Forest Holocaust Educational Trust will establish and maintain the memorial.

The council continues to negotiate with Natural England over a suitable solution to the current Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation restrictions on planning applications.

Councillor Stephen Murray, also expressed his support to the memorial, saying: “I think this is a very important recommendation and I am glad that the Cabinet wILL support it.

“I think it was a good decision that we made at the full council meeting in July 2019, it’s an appropriate location.

“I have to say as a teacher I am particularly pleased about the educational aspect.”