Plans to build two chalet bungalows on green belt land have been rejected and labelled ‘inappropriate’.

The bungalows were proposed to be built on a site which includes a residential property known as Summer House in Hamlet Hill, Roydon.

The site is within the designated Metropolitan Green Belt.

The applicant was seeking permission to build two four-bedroom chalet bungalows with associated parking, amenity spaces and refuse and cycle stores, behind the existing building.

Before recommending refusal to councillors, council officer, Jerry Godden, said: “The main issues on this site are the impact on the green belt.

“In this instance, the applicant has argued that they fall under a provision of the national planning policy framework, which allows people to conduct limited infilling within a village… We’re of the consideration it is not limited infilling in a village, first of all because this isn’t a village, it’s a hamlet. It may seem a technical distinction, but it is a distinction.”

Mr Godden added: “In our opinion the development is an inappropriate development within the green belt and there are no special circumstances that would justify the grant of a planning application.

“It is also the case that the two properties would have an impact within the green belt and would cause harm to both the openness of the green belt and the character and appearance of the green belt."

A representative for applicant Mark Wheeler, argued the plans were similar to a recently approved plan at Paradise Farm.

She said: “Considering the similar nature to the proposal we are confused as to why it is being treated so differently.”

Mr Gooden responded that approval of a separate planning application does not set a precedent by which all applications would be judged.

Six councillors voted to reject the plans and four abstained.


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