Works to deliver the new M11 Junction 7A will start in the coming months in hopes a new link road will boost the county’s economy.

Delivering the strategically important new access from the M11, a new junction will also be created, connecting the motorway with Gilden Way, east of Harlow.

Construction is expected to commence on Gilden Way/Sheering Road in late spring 2020.

Cllr Kevin Bentley, deputy leader of Essex County Council and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said: “This is a critically important piece of new infrastructure which we have been working with partners for a number of years to help make a reality.

“This new junction will not only be a boost to the thousands of people who are travelling into and out of Harlow on a daily basis through alleviating some of the congestion issues in the town, but offers new public transport opportunities and will help further unlock the economic potential of Harlow through supporting business growth in the area.”

Harlow MP Robert Halfon added: "I would like to thank Essex County Council and Cllr Bentley for all the hard work they have put in to deliver Junction 7A.

“This is a major project that will greatly reduce the traffic burden on Harlow residents.

"I worked hard for many years in Parliament in order to persuade the Government to invest in the junction and I am extremely grateful to the former Transport Secretary for authorising it.

"This is yet more proof that the Government are investing in Harlow.”

Funded through Highways England, the Department for Transport, Essex County Council and the South East Local Enterprise Partnership, the scheme is located between Junctions 7 and 8 of the M11.

It will see the existing B183 widened, creating an additional lane heading westbound and providing two lanes to the existing London Road Roundabout which links to the A414.

This will be supported by the conversion of the existing Churchgate Roundabout on the B183 into a ‘hamburger’ style arrangement with traffic lights installed.

The existing local road network will be connected via the creation of a new Campions Roundabout.

Epping Forest Guardian:

The connection between the new Sheering Roundabout and M11 junction 7a

Newly appointed contractor GRAHAM will now begin the detailed design work with its design partner AECOM, ahead of beginning full construction.

On the award of the contract, Stephen Hand, pre-construction director of the Graham Civil Engineering division, said: “We’re pleased to have been awarded this hugely beneficial highways scheme by Essex County Council which is the latest in our growing portfolio of highway improvement schemes.

“The project will reduce congestion and improve access to Harlow’s road network, creating economic growth and improving connectivity for residents, businesses, and visitors to Harlow.”

Julie Crawford, regional delivery director (East) for Highways England, added: “Highways England is pleased to be supporting these plans to build an additional junction on the M11 at Harlow.

“We are confident that, once delivered, this new junction will contribute towards improving safety and reducing congestion, two of Highways England’s top priorities.”

Works on the motorway junction and link road likely to start in summer/autumn 2020 and is scheduled to open in 2022.