Three married couples who have clocked up 154 years of marriage celebrated their long-term love by attending a Valentine’s Day themed lunch.

Michael and Catherine Cahill, Richard and Jutta Mason and Charles and Rhonda Benton attended the Couple’s Party at Ashbrook Court Care Home on Friday, February 14.

Each couple were treated to an afternoon of entertainment before being presented with a framed photo and shared their tips for a happy marriage.

Michael and Catherine Cahill

Epping Forest Guardian: Epping Forest Guardian:

Michael and Catherine Cahill on their wedding day in 1968 (left) and them today over 50 years on (right)

Originally from Ireland, Mr and Mrs Cahill were married in 1968 and couple moved to England after Michael was asked to be a jockey for Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Catherine’s tip for a long and happy marriage: “Have lots of patience with each other and talk things through.”

Richard and Jutta Mason

Epping Forest Guardian:

Richard and Jutta Mason on their wedding day in 1964

Mr and Mrs Mason met at a night club off London’s Bond Street that resulted in a disastrous first date soon after.

Their visit to Alexandra Palace was so misty they couldn’t see a thing and ended when Jutta breaking a heel.

They married in 1964 at Tottenham Registry Office and have been together for the last 55 years.

Jutta said: “Richard has never bought me a Valentine’s card, so I’m really looking forward to this Valentine’s celebration.”

Her tip for a long and happy marriage is: “Agree with your other half – and then do what you want anyway.”

Rhonda and Charles Benton

Epping Forest Guardian:

Charles and Rhonda Benton have been married since 1973

A met on a blind date and lead to Mr and Mrs Benton tying the knot at Epping Forest Registry Office in 1973.

They have now been married for 47 years.

Their tip for a happy marriage is: “Stay interested in each other, keep things that you enjoy together going. Then you will continue to enjoy one another.”

Clare O’Neill, manager of Ashbrook Court said: “Charles, Michael and Richard live with us at Ashbrook Court and their wives visit often.

We always try and give our couples as much privacy as possible so they can continue to enjoy their lives together.

“It’s been particularly lovely to have made this Valentine’s Day special for all of them.”