An optician’s is now providing optical diagnostic technology used by NASA and hospital eye departments across the country.

The Specsavers branch on High Street, Epping, can help now detect preventable, sight-threatening conditions up to four years earlier than a standard eye test.

Called OCT (optical coherence tomography), this eye health check is set to transform the industry’s evaluation of a customer’s overall wellbeing and is being rolled out across all Specsavers stores this month.

NASA also uses OCT technology on its International Space Station to measure the effect of space travel on the eye.

The device uses light to take more than 1,000 images of the back of the eye including the retina and optic nerve.

A layered image is then created to allow the optometrist to view the deeper structures of the eye in more detail than ever before.

These images are then stored, allowing the Specsavers’ team to refer back to a customer’s results if they detect any subtle changes that can then be addressed.

Conditions that can be picked up earlier and monitored with an OCT test include diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma and even brain tumours.

Kevin Cameron, Specsavers Epping store director, says: “This is big news and we are proud to be part of a first nationwide roll out for the optical industry.

“Our nationwide roll out of this innovation is ‘one big step for mankind’ when it comes to accessing fantastic innovation and helping to preserve the nation’s eye health.

“To be able to bring this technology to our customers in Epping in the decade of 2020 feels extra poignant too.”

To find out more about OCT or to book an appointment, at Specsavers Epping, visit in store or call 01992 563 330, or visit