Students a primary school learned to walk, write and live like an Egyptian for the day during their latest history lesson.

Year 3 pupils at Roydon Primary Academy, in Roydon, Harlow, took part in a range of activities, including Hieroglyphic writing, perfume making and Canopic jar making.

They re-enacted an ancient Egyptian banquet, tasting foods which would have been eaten at the time including bread, cheese, olives, grapes and figs.

The youngsters, who spent the day using Egyptian names, also took on key roles from society during this ancient history period such as royalty, servants, soldiers and workers.

Headteacher Michael Clark said: “Year 3 were amazing.

“We try to allow the children to spend as much time as possible taking part in new experiences outside of the classroom to put their learning into context.

“By doing this at the end of the unit, the children could understand what they were being told.”