An exhibition displaying the work produced by children and their families from a primary school has launched.

Pupils at Roydon Primary Academy, in Roydon, are set the optional task of producing an extended piece of homework from a list of 16 tasks each term.

The idea is to get families working on a project together at home to involve parents in their children’s learning.

Headteacher Michael Clark said: “The projects range from English and maths to PE, food, languages and design and technology.

“We are getting so many wonderful pieces of homework brought into school, we felt we should do more to celebrate them.

“Now, every half term, we will hold a project work exhibition, with every class having a table in the hall to display their work.

“Each class will have a time slot to have a look around, before inviting their parents in after school to have a look.

“We are getting parents involved in their child’s curriculum. By working with their parents at home, children are thinking about a topic, researching it and talking to an adult about it.

“The exhibition is about celebrating the amazing things they are achieving together.”