Fire crews rescued a man from a car after it was reversed through a brick garage wall.

Crews were called to Woodwards, Harlow, at 9.45am yesterday (Wednesday, May 20) and found the rear of a car sticking out of a garage wall.

Firefighters worked to free the driver from the suck car, which had left the wall structurally unsafe by the impact.

Watch manager Steve Harrison said: “The car had reversed through the garage and into the back wall, trapping the driver.

“The hatchback car was actually holding the wall up so we couldn’t remove it. Instead, we were able to remove the rear seats and pull the casualty out.”

He was freed at 10.23am.

The man, who appeared to be uninjured, was left in the care of the ambulance service.

The ambulance at the scene was being driven by a firefighter – one of 19 seconded to the East of England Ambulance Service as a driver during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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