A popular party game has been adapted to save lives on the road.

Cards Against Humanity, where players complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué or politically incorrect, has been repurposed by The Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) to encourage drivers to make better choices.

The county has experienced a spike in road offences during the coronavirus pandemic – speeding has almost doubled since lockdown began and a record 266 drug driving arrests were made in April.

Nicola Foster, Chairman of SERP, said: “Our vision is to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on Essex roads to zero. This campaign, devised by Dorset Road Safe, based on the humorous and sometimes contentious ‘Cards against Humanity’ game, is designed to draw everyone’s attention to the need to look out for those more vulnerable than themselves on the road.

“The need to protect the vulnerable and to look out for each other has never been more relevant and should be in every road users’ mind each time they make a journey.

Epping Forest Guardian:

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership campaign, originally produced by The Dorset Road Safety Partnership, is based on the popular 'Cards Against Humanity' game. Photo: SERP

“Most of us like to think we are a safe and considerate road-user, but sometimes other drivers, cyclists or motorcyclists do something we think they shouldn’t so we don’t leave them as much space as we could and we don’t slow down to give them more time. We contribute to the situation rather than resolve it and sometimes that can have horrendous consequences.

“There are likely to be more people using bicycles, motorbikes and walking as they return to work and we are asking everyone on the road to make the right choice for the road –it’s not a game. Your choice really can make a difference to the safety of others.”

Adam Pipe, Head of Roads Policing, added: “Nearly 300 young people were either killed or seriously injured on Essex roads last year. This number is too high and we must continue to look for innovative ways of getting our messages across to these young people.

“Please get behind this campaign and show your support by commenting, liking and sharing. road safety is everyone’s responsibility.”


Epping Forest Guardian:

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