The UK is still in lockdown, meaning all but those who cannot work remotely been asked to stay at home.

But there are many workers who have had to continue to go out and work to keep essential services running.

As a big thank you to our key workers, we published all the names we received on the Epping Forest Guardian and Your Local Guardian front pages on Thursday:

Epping Forest Guardian:

Epping Forest Guardian front page, May 21. Photo: Newsquest

Below, we have included all the names and messages of support our readers have sent in:

Stuart Matthew and Roy Matthew from Stuarts Market Shop

"Stuart and his dad have gone above and beyond to supply the local people during the lockdown. Nothing has been too much trouble as he sourced much sought after items for his customers. Eggs, toilet rolls, disinfectant, wipes, bleach, paints, compost, gardening tools and fence paint, sanitiser and face masks. Whilst all the shops closed, they have remained, putting themselves at risk. He has kept his prices low and if he didn’t have something requested, then he did his best to get it for you next time he went to the wholesalers. I would like to nominate Stuart and his dad for delivering such a amazing service to the local community. Well done to both of you."

Helen Rush, Dementia Care Worker

"My mum is one of the strongest, most compassionate and most caring people I've ever met. Not only does she work in a care home but she cares for people with dementia. The care home has only recently been given masks to wear from donations and even with the lack of PPE, she still goes to every shift with a smile on her face, ready to care. The people she cares for cannot understand social distancing or the Covid-19 pandemic, which makes her job even harder as she has to make sure everyone is safe, isolated, and has to keep answering why no one has visited them. She puts herself at risk so she can care for people who cannot look after themselves. And I'm so proud to call her my mum."

Maryum Ahmad, Unit Manager, Woodland Grove Care Home

Malachy McCarron, Carer, Woodland Grove Care Home

Jane Hellen, Receptionist, Woodland Grove Care Home

Michela Volpe, Activities Team, Woodland Grove Care Home

Victoria Shaw, Carer, Woodland Grove Care Home

Hana Kasujja, Carer, Woodland Grove Care Home

Helen Rose Kelly, Housekeeper, Woodland Grove Care Home

Shane Best, Paramedic

Dawn Calder

Ruth Anderson, Physiotherapist

Dr Beth Scutt

Cheryl Parker, Ambulance Technician

Dr Uddin, GP at Langthorne Health Centre

Nichola Barker, Nurse

Kristy West, Nurse

Georgina Smith, Trainee Midwife

Jamie Smith, Firefighter, Kensington

Tanoh Danso, Paramedic

Lynn Gibbs, Nursing Home Care Worker

Paul Feakes, London Underground

Alan Smith, London Underground

Jimmy Jarvis, London Underground

Gill Cooper, Tesco

Kameran Bahar, Shopkeeper

Kevin Cook, Bus driver

Janet Thompson, Nursery Teacher

Michelle Higgins, Paediatric Nurse

Georgina Baah, Health Care Assistant

Kim Dada, Outpatient Reception Supervisor

All staff at Oakleigh Park Care Home

All staff at Athenaeum Care Home

All staff at Ashfield Care Home