A formal police station looks set to be converted into five flats, pending district council approval.

A new planning application to convert the upstairs of the former Epping Police Station building into flats has met with no objection from Epping Town Council.

An original scheme for a restaurant at ground floor and basement level with six flats on the first and second floor was recently withdrawn.

Now five flats - four one-bedroom and one two-bedroom - are proposed for the first and second floors of the Georgian building, which closed as a police station in April 2016.

No parking is included in the proposals.

Councillor Mari-Louise Whitbread told Tuesday's Epping Town Council planning and general purposes committee: "We need flats for downsizing in the High Street. It's a very tatty building (now) but a beautiful building, part of the High Street and needs to be used rather than left empty."

A final decision on the 'prior approval' application will be taken by Epping Forest District Council.

Applicant Assetrock Epping Ltd, in its application documents, says a separate planning application would be submitted for an undisclosed retail use for the ground floor and basement.