Today, for what may be the last time, hundreds of thousands of people across the country will join a mass round of applause for NHS workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.

The Clap for Carers campaign, which started online, was staged for the first time on March 26 to thank the frontline healthcare heroes who are helping to save patients with Covid-19.

However, the found of the Clap for Carers initiative has said it should end after its 10th week (tonight) and be changed to an annual event.

Dutch-born Londoner Annemarie Plas, who is credited with starting the nationwide applause, last week told BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show it was inspired by similar events in the Netherlands and around the world.

She added: "Because this is the ninth time - and next week will be 10 times - I think that would be beautiful, to be the end of the series."

Today, at 8pm, residents will be cheering from their homes as a show of unity for what may be the last time.

We will be compiling videos of neighbours showing their gratitude to our NHS heroes – so please send us your videos of tonight’s event.

Either email your submissions to or message them to our Facebook page.