Police dispersed a large number of teenagers being 'abusive' in Brentwood High Street last night.

Essex Police received reports of a large group of people, all believed to be teenagers, being abusive and creating a disturbance on Brentwood High Street at around 9.35pm last night (Monday 29 June).

Officers utilised a dispersal order covering Brentwood High Street, the town centre area and Kings Road down to Brentwood Railway Station.

It remains in place until 10pm today and gives officers the power to direct anyone in that area to leave and not to return for the period the order’s in place to reduce the likelihood of member of the public being harassed alarmed or distressed or there to be crime or disorder.

Inspector Terry Fisher said: “We have acted quickly to put this order in place to deal with the disorder that has broken out in the centre of Brentwood.

“This type of behaviour is not acceptable and we won’t tolerate members of the public being subjected to abuse or any behaviour which may cause them to fear for their safety.

“We will continue to work with our partners to address issues of anti-social behaviour and use the powers we have at our disposal to keep you safe.”