It has been 100 days since Boris Johnson announced the lockdown to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

On the evening of March 23, the Prime Minister in a televised briefing held later than usual told everyone to stay at home and only go out for essential reasons.

Many had to work from home and parents had to adapt to homeschooling as schools were closed to most pupils. Families not living together were also unable to see each other.

Since May, the UK has been slowly reopening as lockdown restrictions ease. Non-essential shops reopened on June 15, and pubs, restaurants and hairdressers will be allowed to get back to business on Saturday.

As we begin to adjust to a new normal, we asked readers to share pictures that sum up the past 100 days for them:

Thinking about family

Epping Forest Guardian:

Christine Buffoni says she spent much of her time thinking about her family. She shared this photo with the caption: "Missing my grandchildren."

Working from home

Epping Forest Guardian:

The work from home desk is a familiar sight to many of us. This is Dale Burnett's work station. He said: "I won’t miss that daily Central Line fight."

Epping Forest Guardian:

Liza Moore said she has spent a lot her time during lockdown in front of a laptop: working. As she works for the NHS, she sometimes works from base, sometimes from home.

Lots of baking

Epping Forest Guardian:

Many families spent their time honing their baking skills. Davinia Chalkley shared this picture and said: "We've never baked so much."

Toilet roll fun

Epping Forest Guardian:

Remember the time the whole nation went crazy for toilet roll? It looks like the loo roll is now the symbol of the coronavirus crisis.

Jemma Ketley shared this adorable photo of her and her young son building toilet roll towers during lockdown.

Helping neighbours

Epping Forest Guardian:

Kind-hearted Julie Dee Murley has been volunteering for an elderly neighbour she did not know before the pandemic.

She explained: "I signed up to be a volunteer in my local area via a local fab group, thought I’d only be collecting odd prescription.

"I now see her twice a day and cook her a fresh dinner. She hadn’t been outside for over three months (and that was for a blood test). She now gets out most days dependant of weather. She’s teaching me how to garden."

Enjoying the sunshine

Epping Forest Guardian:

Lara Tharby shared this brilliant photo of her family enjoying the sunshine. She said the photo was taken "when the world stopped and May was extremely hot!"

Epping Forest Guardian:

This is another beautiful picture by Nik Hunt, showing his child enjoying the outdoors and nature.

Wildlife taking over the neighbourhood

Epping Forest Guardian:

Empty roads and streets have meant an increase in sightings of deer and wildlife. One family had a welcomed surprise as they spotted five deer in their neighbourhood. Photo by Kristina Budreikaite.

An empty A&E

Epping Forest Guardian:

Eddie Matthews shared this photo of the time he needed to get his arm plastered during lockdown.

He said: "Walking into an empty A&E and walking around an empty hospital, in and out in an hour including getting my arm plastered. Apparently the hospitals were overrun? It was a ghost town in there."

Time to relax at home

Epping Forest Guardian:

Being told to stay home means many have been able to spending more time on their hobbies. Paul Jenkins proudly shared this picture of a jigsaw he completed.