Lockdown has forced many of us to spend much more time at home but there have been pluses – and a lot of people have chosen to turn their attention to their gardens.

It is now the time of year when a lot of flowers and plants are in full bloom and we want you to fill in this simple Epping Forest Guardian Q&A form and give us a glimpse of your gardens.

Have you have created and oasis of calm to relax in, with chimes, lights and water features?

Maybe you’ve been cooking up a storm with a barbecue and bar, just waiting for friends and family to join you.

Do you get to make your own jam from homegrown strawberries or raspberries?

Epping Forest Guardian:

Or it may be that your have a pond that is home to fish, or your garden regularly attracts wildlife visitors of another kind.

Weather you have plenty of pots, a sprawling lawn with bright borders, gorgeous hanging baskets or something quite unique, we want to see your lovely gardens, however small they may be.

Epping Forest Guardian:

You may even have window boxes, a vegetable patch or an allotment – we’d love to see what you have achieved and feel proud of.