There are an estimated 66 active coronavirus cases in Epping Forest currently.

The data is taken from King's College London’s Covid Sympton Study app which tracks people with symptoms and shows an estimate for the number of patients with the virus on a given day.

The data relies on people self-reporting their suspected Covid-19 symptoms and is equivalent to lab-confirmed Covid-19 cases.

An interactive map shows Epping Forest and Harlow and hotspots for current suspected cases, with 519 estimated active cases per million people in Epping Forest.

Adjusted for the district’s approximate population of 130,000 the data suggest about 66 current active cases.

In Harlow there are an estimated 580 cases per million people – adjusted for Harlow’s approximate population of 87,000 that figure sits at about 50 current cases.

The research says 27,913 people in the UK have symptomatic Covid-19.

Around 3.7 million people across the UK are using the app to report on their health, while the study also uses data from swab tests.

Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King's College London, said: “With our data now flagging up potential new hotspots, it will allow for greater surveillance and focussed testing that could detect problems like Leicester much earlier and hopefully reduce the number of major lockdowns.

“But to do this more successfully we still need more people to join us by logging how they are feeling each day so we can send out kits to those feeling unwell and catch these outbreaks and help us closely monitor what is going on in the UK population.”

The app can be downloaded here:

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