A police officer has been given a final warning after taking 'secret' documents home with him.

Essex Police's PC Sabar Mhatay has been warned one more mistake will see him booted out of the force after he was found to have committed gross misconduct for failing to securely store sensitive information.

The constable was deemed to have breached standards expected from officers after he took documents categorised as ‘secret’ to his home address in February 2019.

Detective Superintendent Andy Waldie said: “Officers and staff are trusted with incredibly sensitive information and it is imperative it’s treated with the highest security and in line with very clear guidance.

“It is vital that we uphold the highest standards and unfortunately PC Mhatay has not demonstrated this.

“He must now ensure he uphold the standards expected of him, and every other officer, and he has been given an opportunity to show he can do so.”

PC Mhatay was given a final written warning at a misconduct hearing at Chelmsford Civic Centre on Friday, July 31.

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