Sitting in the shade on a hot day and listening to water running into a pond in the garden sounds like an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend a summer's day.

That is what reader Jennifer Chapman told us she loves doing after getting in touch with these pictures of her back garden in Buckhurst Hill.

Lockdown forced many of us to spend more time at home, but a lot of people took the opportunity to spend more time working on their garden.

With many flowers and plants now in full bloom, you can give us a glimpse of your garden by filling in a simple Q&A form and submitting it with some pictures.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Jennifer said: "This is my back garden that I mostly do myself. I also spend time in my front garden. I have put this arch together and also the metal rocking chair.

"It is lovely to sit here in the shade on a hot day and listen to the water running into the pond with the gold fish swimming around.

"I do have other areas in the garden that I can relax in, including my summer house on cooler days decked out with pictures etc."

Epping Forest Guardian: