There are more than 1,500 affairs ongoing across Loughton, Epping, and Waltham Abbey, figures suggest.

The UK's leading married-dating website, Illicit Encounters, estimates affairs are on the rise in Epping and Waltham Abbey.

An online tool – The Infidelity Index – published by the dating site estimates the number of ongoing affairs town's and cities across the UK.

The tool estimates there are 531 current ongoing affairs in Loughton, down from 576 last year.

In Waltham Abbey affairs have supposedly risen from 426 a year ago to 467 and 508 on Epping, up from 444.

Harlow is estimated to have 689 cheaters, a massive rise from 457 the prior year.

Chipping Ongar – with an estimated population of about 6,000 – is reported to be home to 183 adulterous individuals.

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