The Met Office is warning of continued thunderstorms after parts of Essex and Hertfordshire were struck by lightning, heavy rain, and strong winds yesterday.

This evening, the Met Office continues its yellow weather warning as thunderstorms are expected to reach Epping at around 8pm.

The forecaster suggests that before the storm strikes there should be light rain by 7pm, and the actual storm will just last until 9pm – predicting a 60 per cent chance of precipitation.

While the weather is expected to then cool down for Friday (August 14), Epping is forecasted to have some light rain by 3pm.

Then more storms are expected in Epping between 5pm to 6pm, with a 50 to 60 per cent chance of precipitation.

During the storms the Met Office warns of a small chance that fast flowing or deep floodwater could occur, bringing a danger to life and flooding homes and businesses.

There is also a chance or road closures if the weather causes dangerous driving conditions, and the Met Office warns there is a chance that power and other essential services could be lost.