Students at Debden Park High School, Loughton, are planning the next stage of their education after receiving their A-Level results today.

Head of School Helen Gascoyne said: "As the 2020 summer exam season was cancelled, this year’s Year 13 cohort have been awarded grades by the exam boards, based on information supplied by the schools.

"The exam boards have applied their own calculations, taking account of performance in previous years, to generate each individual student’s final grades.

"None of the usual benchmark data or headline figures which lend themselves to comparisons between this year and other years, or between schools, have any validity this year.

"Schools in this area have therefore come to an agreement that it would serve no purpose to release such figures into the public domain."

She added: "Sitting exams would have been stressful enough for these young people but losing the chance to prove what they can achieve has been even more so.

"Thankfully students at Debden Park High school are now able to celebrate, as their A-Level grades will allow them to pursue their dreams."

Top students include:

  • Amy Blyth - going to Durham to study Biomedical Sciences
  • Nathan Byrne-Hewitt - going to Bath University to study Mechanical Engineering
  • Nathaniel Davies - going to Nottingham University to study Music
  • Daisy Dunton - going to UCL to study Italian and Spanish
  • Hebe Harvey - going to York University to study Biological Sciences
  • Noor Martin - going to Swansea University to study Aerospace Engineering
  • Finlay Pickering - going to Kings College to study Film and Media
  • Melania Stefan - going to Queen Mary University to study Medicine
  • Alex Ward-Robinson - going to UCL to study History