A private enforcement agency has been drafted in to launch a dog poo crackdown in Harlow.

Harlow Council has employed a new team dedicated to tackle dog fouling, littering and fly-tipping..

The council has entered into a year’s trial with private environmental enforcement agency, National Enforcement Solutions (NES).

The agency will be responsible for enforcing legislation dog fouling, littering, and fly-tipping as well as domestic and commercial waste.

From August 12, the team has been active in the town issuing fines to dog-owners who do not clean up after their pooch

Councillor Danny Purton, portfolio holder for environment, said: “At the heart of this issue is a need to tackle that minority of people who still believe it is okay to just drop their rubbish wherever they fancy. It can’t just be about education or awareness-raising, nor can we afford to just throw more money into street cleaning – there has to be a realistic deterrent and we believe hitting these irresponsible people in the pocket is the way to go.

Street cleaning currently costs Harlow Council over £2m per year and every year tonnes of litter and dumped waste is collected from street cleaning rounds.

Cllr Purton added: “There is never an excuse to mess up our town and I would think the majority of local people believe we are right to be targeting offenders in this way. If you are responsible with your litter and rubbish and care about our town or are a responsible dog owner who picks up after their dog you have nothing to worry about.”

NES will work to identify and target hot spot areas known for excessive littering and fouling.

The officers are paid an hourly rate and do not receive any bonuses or performance pay for the number of notices issued.

Anyone caught fly-tipping can be fined £200 or if they are observed littering, they will be issued with an on the spot £80 fine. Dog fouling carries a £50 fine.

National Enforcement Solutions are a specialist supplier of environmental crime services to councils across the UK.

John Dunne, strategic director of National Enforcement Solutions, said: “Our aim is to reduce environmental crime for the long term and patrol the town in an ‘intelligence led’ manner focusing our controls on identified hotspots received from the complaints and feedback of the general public.”

“We will operate a robust but always proportionate methodology to tackle environmental crime, using a wide range of technical support including wireless body worn cameras and a handheld computer which will confirm the identity of an alleged offender before issuing a fixed penalty notice.

“Our officers have been instructed to communicate openly with the community with the overall aim of inclusivity for the Harlow community to play their part in the task ahead.”


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