A hospital has apologised after displaying a laminated poster which listed "LGBTG" as a "mental health disorder".

The Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow came under fire for the poster after a photo was shared on Twitter earlier this week.

The poster, displayed in the hospital's urgent treatment centre, lists a number of "mental health disorders", including depression, bi-polar, OCD and schizophrenia.

But also included about halfway down the alphabetical list is "LGBTG" - which should, in fact, read LGBTQ.

A hospital spokesperson said that action is being taken "to understand how this was displayed".

He said: "We assure all our patients that the view implied by the poster is not the view of the trust."

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And the hospital's deputy chief executive, Trevor Smith, added: "We apologise for the offence caused by a poster displayed in our hospital.

"The poster was removed immediately and action is being taken to understand how this was displayed.

"We regret the concern this situation has caused and we assure all our patients that the view implied by the poster is not the view of the Trust."

Sharing a photo of the poster on Twitter on Tuesday, Ellen Gibson wrote: "Where to even start with this poster, on the wall of an actual hospital @NHSHarlow.

"Being part of the LGBTQ (or 'LGBTG') community isn't a mental health disorder and I can't believe I'm having to say this to an NHS institution.

"This is particularly bad language to use given that being LGBTQ was designated as a mental health disorder until shockingly recently - 1990 for LGB, and 2019 for trans people.

"That has caused irreparable damage to so many lives over the years."

Chris W replied: "Genuinely shocked how this appeared in a hospital.

"It doesn't look professionally done but it is poorly thought out with all the best will in the world. Glad swift action is being taken by said hospital."

And Twitter user Clare described the poster as a "travesty", writing: "Such a poorly designed poster.

"I think I can see what they were going for, but illiteracy has consequences. What a travesty!"