With almost 100 vehicle crimes reported in a month, the Epping Forest Guardian has looked into the district’s hotspots.

In July – the latest available date – there were 99 reported vehicle crimes in Epping Forest, according to Police UK.

Chigwell was the worst affected area in the district, with a whopping 20 reported crimes in a month.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Most reported crimes in Chigwell were along Manor Road. Photo: Police UK

Most of the crimes occurred along Manor Road, with a high percentage concentrated towards Grange Hill station, and three separate crimes reported at the same spot of the Clarence Gate and Manor Road junction.

Waltham Abbey had the second worse figures in the district with 14 reported vehicle crimes and two major hotspots where the crimes were most likely to occur.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Farthingale Lane and the roads around it were the main hotspot in Waltham Abbey. Photo: Police UK

Seven of the crimes were reported in roads in and around Farthingale Lane and a further in Waltham Abbey town centre.

Loughton and Epping West both recorded 12 reported crimes over the same period.

In Loughton the majority of crimes were reported along and about Loughton High Road.

Epping Forest Guardian:

Loughton High Road attracted the majority of the areas vehicle crimes. Photo: Police UK

The fewest crimes were reported in Debden, however a concentration of three reported crimes were recorded in and about Jessel Green.

Epping Forest Guardian:

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