Readers have been having their say as to which Epping Forest roads are in dire need of a speed camera.

Speeding has long been a problem in the district, as well as the rest of Essex.

Home Office data shows motorists were caught driving too fast 91,849 times by Essex Police in 2018-19.

It means 74 per cent of the 124,923 motoring offences recorded over the period were for speeding.

So recently we asked people on Facebook which roads they would like to see a speed camera introduced in.

Below are roads that were mentioned by residents.

1. Willingale Road, Loughton

Willingale Road is 30mph, but reader Claudia De Jongh believes speeding cars “dangerously swerving past the bollards” endanger pupils at Willingale School

She said: “We've already had two cars end up knocking out ours and neighbour's front walls, within inches of the walls of our houses.

“The bollards do nothing at all to decrease the speed. They just add to road rage as many motorists dislike waiting for oncoming vehicles with right of way to pass through first and buses are constantly getting stuck round the bollard arrangements, leading to massive traffic congestion during school pick up.”

2. Woodridden Hill, Waltham Abbey

This A road leading to the M25 can get quite hectic says one reader, who worries at the threat it poses to wild animals in the area.

“It’s a nightmare as constant tailgating to race to M25”, said Carina Hill.

“Countless deer lose their lives on this road and other forest roads and no signs to warn people either. Have been campaigning for safer speeds for years.”

3. Colebrook Lane, Loughton

Colebrook Lane passes Jessel Green and reader Sue-Ellen Clifford worries for youngsters in the area and believes even more speed bumps would help the situation.

She said: “The speed some drivers go is frightening. It only takes one child to run out in the road”

Steph Thorn added: “They must start at speeds of 25mph at the school end and reach 50mph by the playground at the top of the hill.”

4. Chigwell Lane, Chigwell

This A road is notorious for speeding ‘boy racers’ says one read.

“So many people jump the lights heading towards Goldings Hill or Oakwood Hill for the boy racers” said Lee English.

5. Patternoster Hill, Waltham Abbey

Readers complained about Patternoster Hill, saying the area was plagued by speeding.

Emma Louise Pegg said the road was known for “crazy speeds happening all day long”.

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