A music venue's part in a TV comedy show was making our headlines ten years ago this week.

Popular Walthamstow music venue The Standard played a starring role in an episode of the hit TV comedy The Inbetweeners.

The broadcast, on Channel 4 digital station E4, confirms rumours earlier this year that parts of the show were being filmed in Waltham Forest.

The programme, which follows the escapades of four sixth form pupils, featured the characters visiting the Blackhorse Lane venue to watch their first gig.

However, a different pub was used for the establishing external shot of the building, while the door to the women's toilets were used as a fake entrance to the venue.

Standard regular Ashley Holmes, 26, said the venue was barely recognisable in the programme because its normally gloomy interior had been bathed in light and posters.

"It was most amusing to see it on the show but it was shocking how well lit it was," he said.