A fly-tipping hotspot outside a former police station continues to be plagued by inconsiderate residents with no regard for the law.

The former Sun Street Police Station in Waltham Abbey has long been targeted by people looking to illegally dispose of waste.

The site is often refilled with waste and old furniture just days after it is cleared.

Cllr Dave Plummer, a Green Party councillor for Epping Forest District Council and his colleague Cllr Helen Kane, chairman of the council, have long campaigned for the site to be kept clean.

In July and August Cllr Plummer posted images of rubbish strewn across the site – still owned by Essex Police – which has yet again been filled with waste.

In the past, the site has been cleared of rubbish by the district council and Waltham Abbey Town Council

Cllr Plummer took to Twitter to voice his exasperation: “They’re keeping on top of it but really shouldn’t have to.

“There is no excuse for fly-tipping on Sun Street where we have got a recycling centre open just around the corner.

“This has been particularly bad with broken flat-packed furniture being dumped outside the police station.

“It is a persistent problem. It gets cleared and it just comes back again. The district council have cleared it up in the past but it’s really not their responsibility, its Essex Police’s as its their land.

“Every time I report it, it get cleaned but it just comes straight back again.”

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