Plans to renovate a Christian woodland retreat including building 34 cabins look set for approval.

Epping Forest District Council will consider the plans for the development in Manor Road, Lambourne End, on Wednesday evening – the planning committee’s decision will be available online on Thursday.

Plans to upgrade the camo, described on its website as a 17-acre event centre, owned and run by a charity "dedicated to advancing the Christian faith", will see the demolition of existing outbuildings and the central pavilion building.

If approved, these will be replaced 34 new "purpose-design" cabins.

According to council documents, 40 per cent of the total area of the site is currently in use as a caravan site with a number of timber buildings.

The site contains many mature trees and is well screened from view along Manor Road.

A total of 75 neighbours were consulted and seven objections were received in relation to the scale of the cabins and potential light pollution.

One objector pointed out when the camp is at capacity, visitors will more than double the population of Lambourne End.

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