This story about the cancellation of a Remembrance Sunday parade was making the Epping Forest Guardian's headlines five years ago this week.

A Remembrance Sunday parade has been cancelled after police told organisers they could no longer provide security for it.

The parade has attracted thousands of people to honour the war dead in High Street, Epping and has happened every year since the Treaty of Versailles was signed to bring an end to the Great War in 1919.

But this year the Royal British Legion were informed by Essex Police that they did not have the resources to cover any parades in the county.

John Duffel, who has organised it for the past 16 years, said he was extremely disappointed with the decision.

“We have considered other options and have been frantically working to keep it going, but the safety of the people who would be taking part, many of whom are children, couldn't be guaranteed,” he said.

“It's very disappointing - everything was in place for it to take place and it has got bigger and bigger each year.

“My father and grandfather fought in both World Wars so when I watched it as a child I was filled with pride.

“It brought their sacrifices home to me, and it is a shame that other kids won’t experience that this year.”

The parade was described as a ‘major highlight’ to the people of Epping and has had all the local schools take part as well as the Army & Air Cadets, Scouts, Guides and Beavers.

The decision to cancel it comes weeks after Essex Police announced dramatic cuts across the county in plans to save £63 million by 2019-20.

Among those plans Epping police station is proposed to close by April 2016, and sold along with buildings in Ongar and Waltham Abbey.

Mr Duffell added: “I can't help thinking that maybe the police could have done this year's parade, and then given notice that they won't do any more after that.

“The way they have done it has left no time to make alternative arrangements.

“Without a doubt this decision comes about because of these massive cuts.”

There will still be a wreath-laying ceremony at Epping's War Memorial at 2pm, followed by a service at St John's Church on Remembrance Sunday.

“I would urge the people of Epping to turn out for the wreath laying ceremony to show that they still want to remember the soldiers who died for us.”

Essex Police has been approached for comment.